More about The Tanya?

"Tanya during the Three Weeks and Tisha B’av keeps us focused on our hearts as channels for Hashem - Cognitive Expanded Consciousness"

The 3 weeks are the time we can build the best Elul possible.

We are going to release from the deepest part of ourselves the light concealed by the body and the physical world.

The light we reveal IS our essence and eternal identity, and it contributes to transformation for this world.

By learning Tanya, we are able to find from deep within our hearts more light to channel. We are empowered to reflect His Light into the world

“Through our divine service carried out by the RAY of the soul that is enclothed in the body, the APEX and essence of the soul as it exists in the spiritual realms is elevated!”

Tzemach Tzedek.

Come on a journey to learn behavioral Tanya tools

Why Tanya during the 63 days from Shavuous to Tisha B'av?

As we head towards Tisha B’av, our growing love for Hashem helps us yearn for the Beis HaMikdosh Solidify your spiritual year by learning more about how through our soul we are One with Hashem. Find out how bringing out more of our inner light and investing that light in Torah, mitzvahs and compassion IS a free willed, redemptive and formative choice.


Tanya is a step by step guide to help us build relationship with Hashem through discovering and applying our soul’s powers as one with Hashem

The Tanya, written by Admor Rabbi Shneur Zalman of LIadi,( known as the Alter Rebbe) and learned across Torah true Judaism, is a step by step guide. Tanya explains clearly how it is exceedingly near to do, in both a lengthy and short way, because of the Holy One Blessed Be He when we use free will to do G-d‘s Commandments.


Miriam Yerushalmi’s short daily videos will take us through the journey.

“With the Tanya we will enter the land!; in a spiritual sense, meaning that he makes the essential will of his soul manifest.”

“The Tanya is an incense for the spirit and the soul, to counter all the spiritual plagues besetting the generations just before the arrival of Moshiach.”

“The ways of serving God as is taught in Tanya serve to transmute the curses enumerated in Parshat Ki Tavo I To blessings.”

“With the Tanya the Jewish people will go out to greet the righteous Mashiach!”

“For this thing is very near to you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may do it"

“Through these three channels which are alluded to by the three phrases, “ your heart, your mouth and to do it.” These phrases represent, respectively, the three faculties of thought speech in action. These are, as it were the functional organs of the soul; the soul vests itself in them, in order to implement its wishes.”

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