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Written Overview of the Process of Bringing more Awareness to our Hearts.

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Our goal for the next forty days is to have a greater awareness in our hearts of Hashem. We will develop a process for a continuous journey to grow that awareness. Each step we take, we will build faith in Hashem and trust in the Torah He gives us. Believe it or not, Torah helps us regulate our emotions and heal.


We experience awareness of Hashem as healing to our emotions. We literally repair by integrating Torah into our hearts. Without wanting to sound mysterious, the journey itself is our destination. The healing is in the effort. The goal is to make the best use of each day, and through that, experience the gift of healing. It is not something to be achievement-oriented about. WE are journey-oriented. Reflect on this.

Do we realize how profoundly our self-focused sensitivities to our own emotions and desires often block us from experiencing awareness of Hashem in our hearts? See if you notice this during the day today. Stop today when things are frustrating and say “I wish I could feel Your love right now but something is blocking it. I know it is there, please help me feel it.”

What if there were a way to shift our natural responding sensitivities from self-focused to G-d-focused? We want to make an effort toward that goal. This effort means taking steps inwardly rather than in our external circumstances, with no guarantees regarding outcomes. This makes room for Hashem to answer us.

Are we open to making effort regardless of tangible, physical world outcomes? Do we realize that Hashem alone is in charge of outcomes? If so, do we see where faith and trust play a role in this process? And are we ready to will to go above our natural reactions?

Letting go of circumstances and results that we are naturally familiar with is easier when we truly know the task. Our will to shift our focus above the self is combined with our emunah. This effort makes possible the release of a spark of Infinity from Hashem that is hidden.

Over time, we come to trust in Hashem’s constant love for us so very much that we realize something….Hashem is asking us to go through this process JUST so we have the opportunity to bring a spark of Infinity from within its hiding place within nature into the root elements that compose all of creation, including us, earth, wind, water and fire, solid, gas, liquid and radioactive substances.

Remember, Torah tells us that when Hashem creates the evil inclination, He says it is very good! If Hashem were to try to come into this world in a revealed way, there would be no nature visible. Thus, He comes in through a back door, a concealed way, and does not force Himself upon us. He awaits our recognizing His Power and our acceptance of Him in our hearts.

Wanting that Infinity means that we are willing to not “go with” the subjective experience of anger or fear, but rather that we see the opportunity to be like Hashem. We become like Hashem when we return our upset feelings with love in our hearts to Him. We become like Hashem when we realize we are being given a moment to absorb that drop of Infinity intended for us into our hearts.

We mature our intellect when we realize we can draw Hashem’s love into our hearts and bring a drop of Infinity in that completes and unifies our soul. Our effort to use our free will and the strength of our emunah determine how long we wallow in thinking the anger or fear or sadness before we recognize Hashem and love Him.

That drop of Infinity that was trapped in a constricted or painful emotion is released from where it is hidden within our nature. That drop of Infinity, as it intermingles with our spiritual being, unifies our soul. This awareness of Hashem no longer needs to hide. It is felt as love and connection to Him in our hearts. We gain an integrated understanding of Hashem’s love – mature intellect – in our hearts. Would that be something worth making an effort for in your eyes?

Each time we resolve our upsets to calmness with will, emunah and love builds trust in the process. We see that what is gluing to us to our natural reaction is Hashem hidden in the nature of our physiology, in our lower brain. We breathe through the challenge with love in our hearts. We recognize Hashem and His Love. With gratitude for being alive! With gratitude for the opportunity to actually use free will to go above nature, a G-d-like act! With gratitude that we can re-organize ourselves and choose our identity.

What we are presenting is an expanded way to regulate our emotions. The whole world is filled with Hashem. That includes the seemingly difficult wall we hit when we are overcome with constricted negative feelings. When having any negative reaction today, stop and say, This is Hashem! There is No Other Power!

And once we recognize Him, we have another step to take. We can now see that we have been focused on our subjective interpretation. What is the opportunity? With real free will, we are able to go above our natural subjective reaction. Something Infinite of Hashem is hidden there. We recognize Him for the purpose of asking to be glued to objectivity. What is objectivity? His Oneness and Love.

We recognize Hashem as the Power in all our emotions. We use real free will to ask Him to help us connect to His Love. We ask for help to go above our interpretations in order to unify our soul by acquiring a spark of His Infinity hidden in the challenge.

We notice and name our objections, each time seeing the power of our reactions as coming only from Hashem. Piece by piece, we empty our heart of our self-focus. We ask to be a strong receptacle and channel to reveal a hopefully unified light. This is healing. In this world. Believe it or not, we are given real free will to re-organize our inner being and create for ourselves an identity for all eternity.

The more we realize that Hashem is the only Being with any value or honor, the easier it is to hold onto His Honor and withstand the movement we feel inside, letting go of our self-focus on our honor in favor of revealing His Honor.

The starting point is anywhere we encounter that sense of enduring, lifelong lack. We often have a “pet peeve”, something we struggle with throughout our life, that keeps presenting itself within our challenges. This is what we have come to “fix”.

The fixing is not within the circumstances upon which the lack appears. The fixing is within our inner being. The goal is to integrate love from Hashem within our hearts, to quiet the anger and fear we feel.

By soothing the fire with the love we receive from that Infinite spark of Hashem, our emotional pain quiets. Indeed, our makeup is reorganized. The new balance is housed in our heart.

A quieted spirit with awareness of Hashem leads to compassionate action. What if every circumstance were like manna – able to take on whatever we give emotionally to it by reorganizing our inner being

Emunah is a power of the soul that we can build stronger and stronger. Bitachon, trust, is our choice to cling to Hashem’s Honor no matter what. We can choose to bring the feeling of His Love to surround us in moments of struggle and pain and darkness.

With emunah and bitachon that Hashem is a constant Giver of only good and all good, we are in a position to approach what blocks us from feeling that reality. Sometimes it is our natural reactions, and sometimes it is the powerful glue in Creation that keeps us self-focused naturally.

Emunah is to know all power is Hashem, No Other. And that it is light, although concealed. Hashem’s light, even when concealed, has as its essence compassion, a potential for us to experience.

Be willing to peel back our self-focus. Describe and pour all of our will into feeling Hashem’s love. We wish only to be a receptacle and channel for His Blessings.

We let go of results. We make an effort to recognize Him, and we make a choice to keep Torah and emulate His Compassion.

We wish to draw “water”, Torah wisdom, to quiet the fiery reactions of our intellect that are naturally self-preserving. Without wisdom, those angry, fearful, and honor-seeking urges produce thoughts that heat up our emotions. We feel moved to lash out in “self-defense.” The process of regulating our emotions by saying This is Hashem and by willing to go above our nature is a choice.

Are our actions halachically permitted? Are we emulating Hashem? By quieting the fiery intellect, we slow down and begin doing a run and return, to carve out a hollow in our heart where the painful emotions have been emptied into Hashem’s love.

The hollow in our heart  is our choice to open, out of yearning for Hashem. It is the repair to the eating. We ask to glue ourselves to awareness of Him instead of to self.  We ask to hold the light in our heart as revealed and felt compassion. We ask to be connected to Hashem, to be a strong receptacle for all of the light and a channel for bringing  blessing into the world.

Why choose something so unnatural? In Bereshis, Torah teaches about tohu, a light from the highest world of Atzilut that broke and fell into the world when Adom ate. This is not just a mysterious story from long ago.

Hashem fills all the worlds. This high light is filled by Hashem, but it fell into the world without being naturally inter-inclusive. It takes the form of every solid, liquid, gaseous, and radioactive atom.  The high light is un-rectified, unbounded and thereby conceals Hashem’s compassion.

Hashem is filling the world but we are here to help inter-include the root elements themselves. How? Through our love for Hashem and our will.  Our mind and heart can receive something Infinite from the root elements and shine it into the world integrated and revealing its pure and intended form.

If after 120 years when it is the day of judgment and we are called to the light, do we want to go to the light, to the Throne of Honor?  Or will we gravitate instead towards what was created due to our going towards subjectivity without making an effort to go to the light while alive?

When the Moshiach arrives, our free will no longer be full free will. The time is now to make the effort to recognize Hashem in everything,  He is hidden within our constrictions.

Use real free will and ask Hashem  for whatever glues us to a place of constriction to please glue us to awareness of Hashem. Ask that Hashem’s love mature our understanding and quiet the inner movement of our soul.

Remembering the sabbath and guarding the sabbath are the description of the Torah commandment to keep the Sabbath. The word for remember is zachor, male, alluding to Hashem’s Infinite love and wisdom. The word shomer, guard, is female, alluding to the aspect of binah, intellect, which, when  mature with love and wisdom from Hashem, guards our soul from error through halacha. It is this maturity we seek, an infinite path of closeness with Hashem’s unyielding compassion.

We may find ourselves there again and again! It does not mean our efforts were in vain. It means Hashem wants us to do it again!! Our effort is releasing and has impact. Hashem wants our hearts.

Hashem wants a being that can recognize Him and ask for its needs so that He may bestow upon us the good He desires to give. To receive this good, it is up to us to make ourselves into a strong receptacle to be a channel through which the good may flow.

The work is to recognize Hashem in what glues us to self-interest and to ask instead to be attached to awareness of Hashem, letting go of all our experiential emotions that block us from feeling Hashem’s total love. Once re-balanced in this way, we look again at our circumstance and can act, only now we will be a channel of blessings, with Hashem’s help

“With this ‘Crazy Glue’ I want  awareness of You, For my heart to hold  the Might of Your revealed Compassionate Light.”

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