Chaya Hinda Allen, world-renowned Torah teacher, leads pioneering innovative programs for women. Chaiyil is an international community of Jewish women. Members receive an 18-minute installment of Chaiyil every day – either an uplifting audio message, member success story, guided bitachon experience or practical exercise. Chaya Hinda also runs Think Positive!, an intensive program designed for self-improvement, emunah, bitachon, hope and real change for even the most difficult life circumstances.

Chaya Hinda sees the most amazing stories unfold from participants in all her programs. These programs empower women through a doable step-by-step process to bring more happiness, inner peace, better relationships, success, and closeness with Hashem – and to dramatically change each person’s life for the better. She gives workshops in the greater Jerusalem area, Beitar and Ramat Beit Shemesh, as well as online and internationally.

The only way out is from within!”

Discover where, in the vitality of our challenges, we may come to recognize The Creator Who is concealed.

These meditations help us to ask Him to help us bring forth that same vitality into the world as compassion.

This series on bitul from Chaya Hinda Allen helps us to experience Hashem’s love as constant, surrounding and filling all.

Through awareness and our will to generate love for Hashem and serve Him, we become a strong vessel of emunah. A strong vessel of emunah is able to hold light in our hearts and guard it from the downward pulls.

A strong channel of bitachon helps us to flow blessing into the world despite the uncertainties the challenge presents.

Our loving intention to release the Shechina in exile in the charges within our challenges draws forth from the “blood” that runs through our hearts a beautiful light sweetened by our effort. Understanding bitul helps us reach our potential and truly become a “self” that reveals the tzelem elokim.and Hashem’s Compassion.



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Submitting our "dough" to become matzah - what does it take?

Meditations to clean for Passover by....Bitul - Emunah and Fiery Love of Hashem

1 Where Are You Now
Where It All Starts.

By Chaya Hinda Allen.

2 Where Am I Now an Added Dimension

By Chaya Hinda Allen.

6 The Real Me May Be Other Than the Feelings I Feel About Myself

By Chaya Hinda Allen.

13 Dissolve Into the Love of Hashem

By Chaya Hinda Allen.

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